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Domain availability via API calls

Instantly know which domains can be purchased. This product is ideal for companies looking to expand their online portfolios or domainers seeking the most lucrative investments.

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13.7+ billionWHOIS records
721+ millionDomains tracked
2,864+TLDs tracking
11+ yearsof data crawling


  • Checks domain availability for registration.

  • Obtain results in the format of your choice—Extensible Markup Language (XML) or JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

  • This API works for nearly all top-level domains (TLDs).

  • A connection to a WHOIS database that is updated daily ensures that you get the latest information.

Practical usage

Domain name research

Domain name research

Registrars and domainers use our tool to find out if domains are available for registration.

SEO optimization

Check the availability of recently expired domains, which have some traffic on them.

SEO optimization
Domain Availability API | WhoisXML API

Get 100 free API credits. No credit card required.

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Domain Availability API is part of an extensive set of domain and IP intelligence APIs. Integrate our capabilities into your platforms and systems to get relevant, precise, and near-real-time results.

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