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Safely search for domain availability with Domain Availability Lookup

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What is a domain availability lookup tool?

A domain availability lookup tool is one that goes through WHOIS records and checks the Domain Name System (DNS) to establish whether a domain is available for registration or already belongs to someone else.

Domain Availability Lookup

Why use Domain Availability Lookup?

  • Exhaustive

    Availability results are gathered by querying a WHOIS database that is updated daily and contains 20.0+ billion records.

  • Shareable results

    Each domain availability lookup report comes with a custom URL that you can share with your team members.

  • Safe domain search

    Every query made using Domain Availability Lookup remains strictly confidential.

Practical usage

Improve your domaining portfolio

Improve your domaining portfolio

  • Domain Availability Lookup lets you check if a domain name is available without going through a registrar, making your query private.

Boost your marketing efforts

  • Check if a domain in your contact list is still registered. If not, it may indicate that a supplier or customer is no longer in business.
Boost your marketing efforts
Update your blacklists

Update your blacklists

  • Check if a domain name previously used in a cyberattack is still active.

Get ready for the next step

  • Test the waters with Domain Availability Lookup before integrating its API version into your solutions or running more comprehensive domain analyses with WHOIS Lookup.
Get ready for the next step
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